Office: FC14

Artificial Intelligence Group

Department of Computer Science and Technology

University of Cambridge

15 JJ Thomson Avenue

Cambridge CB3 0FD

United Kingdom

Hi, thanks for visiting my website! My name is Agnieszka (either /aɡˈɲɛʂ.ka/ or Aga works).

I am a second-year PhD student within the Artificial Intelligence Group at the University of Cambridge.

I am currently working as a Research Intern at Facebook AI Research where I am mentored by Léon Bottou.

My PhD supervisors are Sean Holden and Mateja Jamnik. I spent 10 months of my PhD so far as a Research Intern at Mila where I was supervised by William L. Hamilton, Anirudh Goyal and Yoshua Bengio.

My PhD topic is: Learning to generalise in a single-agent and multi-agent setting. I have been working on generalisation in emergent communication, visual reasoning and causal discovery.

I do my best to contribute to the departmental activities as well as to the broad machine learning community (most recently, as a reviewer for AISTATS 2021, ICLR 2021, ICML 2020, EMNLP 2020 and NeurIPS 2020). I also have a great passion for teaching and outreach activities (see examples in CV).

I hold an MSc with Distinction in Operational Research with Data Science from the University of Edinburgh (a joint programme between School of Mathematics and School of Informatics). In my MSc thesis I proposed a new approach to relational reasoning with convolutional neural networks. I also hold a BSc degree in Computer Science from the Jagiellonian University. In my BSc thesis I investigated probability distributions defining random projections in extreme learning machines under supervision of Wojciech Czarnecki.

Before my PhD, I had an opportunity to intern in data science and software engineering at IBM, Architech and Barclays UK.

I’m a traveller at heart: I visited 35 countries and lived in five so far. On that note, I had a chance to learn four foreign languages, which allows me to throw awkward sentences in attempts at icebreaking to this day. I also love mountains and Andrej Ivašković.

Contact: agnieszka [dot] slowik [at] cl [dot] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk